The Ultimate March Madness Analysis Guide

Ah, March Madness. The thundering dunks. The net-swishing shots. The buzzer-beating drops. Whenever the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament rolls around, we just can’t contain our excitement. The 78th edition of this college sports contest is just a few weeks away now, and it’s looking like the toughest one to call in many a year.

The Duke Blue Devils have endured a stuttering conference campaign, and while it has been a little frustrating for some to see this talented team underperforming to such a degree, it does mean that March Madness has been blown wide open. This contest is anyone’s for the taking – and there are a staggering choice of teams among the 68 that could take home the coveted trophy and stamp their name in the history books. Duke will be eager to answer their critics in style, but they’ll be forced to fend off stiff competition from the likes of Louisville, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Florida State, and UCLA. Season surprise package Villanova Wildcats will also want to demonstrate to the doubters that their current form is anything but a fluke.

Who to bet on for March Madness 2017? A safe choice is looking impossible right now, but there is one way to hedge your bets, so to speak, and win big overall on this year’s comp. The infographic below, brought to you by Cool Cat Casino, offers a unique method of predicting results, ranking every team’s chances through analysis of lucky numbers and colors in accordance with the Chinese Zodiac. With March Madness 2017 appearing to be totally unpredictable, this could well be worth a punt.

Not long to go now until the Madness begins, sports fans!

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