The Top Three Basketball Themed Video Games

When console gaming was first launched in 1972, many of the games have been designed around sporting genres including basketball. This allows gamers to manage their favourite team, play as their favorite player and along the way win a little money .Here are some of the best basketball games that have been introduced.

NBA 2K11

As new basketball games are released designers find ways to enhance the experience for players. This is true for NBA 2K11 as players can take on the persona of the of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. Specifically top milestones from Jordan’s career have been recreated in video form. Don’t expect to access all of them initially; playing through the game unlocks the events.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is a basketball themed slot machine game playable from many popular online casinos including Like NBA 2K11, Slam Dunk also pays homage to the great Michael Jordan by featuring a number 23 jersey as the wild symbol in the game. If a player is able to get all five reels to display the 23 jersey, then the maximum payout is won, 45,000 coins. The other symbols on the reels also come from the game of basketball including basketball shoes, a trophy and a cheerleader.


This was first released as an arcade game created by Midway before it eventually was adapted for use on gaming consoles. Featuring dunking and hidden characters, this game was a lot of fun for players. Later installments of this game were released but never did as well as the original.  NBA Jam was the first of a new sports genre that combined fast action along with realistic play. This formula later was applied to other types of games.  Just a year after its release, NBA Jam became the highest earning video arcade game at that time.

If you’re a basketball fan and for whatever reason are unable to play, consider one of these top basketball themed games.

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