The Top Five Track Scenes in Movies

If you’ve ever run Track & Field in your life then you know that running is not as easy as it looks. Digging down to the depths of your heart and soul for that last little boost of energy takes absolutely everything and only gives the promise that you’ll know that you have no excuses at the end, win or lose. Track star are not the most highly regarded athletes in the world, but they are certainly among the most fit. Just think about what it takes to run a single lap as fast as you can and then try to do it. You’ll quickly discover it’s quite as easy as you think.

Here are a few movies in which running the track seems deceptively easy, but obviously takes a toll on the runners.

5. Chariots of Fire

Despite the obvious physical exertion there is a type of euphoria that is felt when running. If you’re in the kind of shape it takes to feel this then you might experience it during the restful moments in which your body simply takes over and your mind can wander on its own. During those blissful moments you might find that you’re closer to perfection than you’ve ever been in your life, no matter how you measure up to any other person. Those are the moments that many athletes live for.

4. Prefontaine

Running is one sport where size doesn’t matter as much. Conditioning and determination are much more important to a runner than their bulk or agility. It takes a great deal of hard work and self-sacrifice to be a runner as Prefontaine realized during his tenure, but it also takes something that can’t be quantified as easily. It takes the innate desire to win no matter how hard you have to push forward.

3. Higher Learning

Attitude is important in running just as much as ability. You can’t just walk onto a track thinking you’re a star and expect people to take you seriously. Showing up on time, ready to go, and without that superior “I’m that awesome” attitude will get you a lot more respect from your coaches and your fellow runners. Show up late, decide not to practice, or even just act like an all around jerk and the chances are you won’t be seeing a lot of track time during a meet. You don’t matter on the track until you can prove you matter off of it.

2. 21 Jump Street

I just had to add this. It doesn’t show what running is about but it’s a funny scene that kind of spoofs Track & Field a little but also just serves a nice, humorous break. Schmidt is high out of his mind when he’s running and more to the point he’s not an athlete at all. Once again, just a fun clip.

1. Unbroken

Distance running is HARD. Those guys that run the mile and two mile might tell you different, but that’s because they train by running four to five miles if not more. They have to set a well-defined pace to insure that they don’t fall behind or burn themselves out too quickly, and to most of us that pace is simply murderous for such a long distance. It’s impressive to watch though.

So if you think running is easy go out and run a few laps, see how you do.


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