The Thunder are Not Happy With Enes Kanter Right Now

Injuries are a part of sports.  That much we know.  Often times you simply can’t account for untimely events.  In any given moment someone can trip, land the wrong way, or even fall down some stairs.  However, there are particular injuries that are in fact very avoidable.  Which is why sports teams have to be unbelievable pissed when some of their players go off the rails and injure themselves doing something they never should have done.

This brings us to Enes Kanter of the Oklahoma City Thunder who gets the “moron of the week” award in the NBA. If you don’t think he’ll be making an appearance on Shaqtin’ a Fool then guess again. Here’s what he did last night.

Gee do you think Russell Westbrook is pissed off? The guy broke his arm punching a chair out of frustration and could be out for 2 months. As if Russell had enough on his plate having to average a triple double just to keep his team competitive, now they lose one of their best big men because he’s essentially an idiot. Not to mention he’s a scoring threat while on the court.

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