Memorable Sports Moment: Parachute Guy Lands in the Middle of the Holyfield/Bowe Fight

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The year was 1993. James Jarrett Miller also known as Fan Man was a parachutist and paraglider pilot from Henderson, Nevada, known for his appearances at various sporting events. But little did anyone think that this guy would actually be making an appearance at a title fight. But here we are on November 6th.

It was the fight between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe at Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip near Las Vegas, Nevada. Miller made headlines all over the world when he used his powered paraglider to fly into the arena, eventually crashing into the ring. Yes, the ring.

Fans and the fighters’ security detail swarmed around him immediately and began attacking him. He was knocked unconscious during the attack. One security officer reportedly struck Miller twenty times. He was rushed to a nearby hospital as spectators cut his paraglider into pieces for souvenirs. After his release from the hospital, Miller was taken to the Clark County Detention Center, where he was charged with dangerous flying and released on $200 bail.

Can you even imagine what it’d be like if this guy crashed into a Superbowl game in the middle of the final play? I wouldn’t say that this was an equivalent in sports but it’s definitely monumental. Personally I just wish this guy was caught in the middle of a right hook or something.

But man that’s the kind of thing that really can change the direction of anything. It’s be hilarious if this guy ever dropped in on a no hitter.

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