Frank Martin Talks About Parents Coaching In The Stands and It’s Real Good

You’ve probably all witnessed it at least one time or another; Fans, or in this case, parents who are heckling from the stands, trying to tell the coach of the team at play what they should be doing, what calls should be made, so on and so forth. Often more than not, we think nothing of it and that they’ve heard it all before, that it shouldn’t phase the coaches. However, it has more effect than we often think, and Frank Martin dishes out a perspective that the majority of the population more than likely needed to hear. You can see what we are talking about by taking a look at this clip of an interview Frank Martin was conducting on the post below:

In all honesty, Frank Martin’s perspective is right on the money, as much as parents might get heated when it comes to the subject. We as parents seem to take for granted the time and energy that these individuals who act as coaches, refs, and other volunteers devote to our children, even when it cuts into their own free time. Martin even goes so far as to say that these volunteers more than likely have many other things they could be doing with their day, but instead choose to spend time with our ten year olds and teaching them the love of the game. It is important for parents everywhere to realize that these individuals are probably more coherent with what they are teaching our children, especially with extra curricular activities, and that heckling and trying to coach from the stands won’t do any good in the long run.

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Frank Martin Talks About Parents Coaching In The Stands and It’s Real Good