Five Things We Took out of Lavar Ball’s Pro Wrestling Appearance

It’s usually a lot of fun and really impressive when a pro athlete makes their way into the ring on WWE. Those are the nights you want to pay attention as the superstars of the ring pay homage in some way to the greats that have come before and the rising stars that are still on the move. I have to admit I’m still kind of scratching my head about this one.  Whether you love him or hate him LaVar Ball has been a name that many have come to equate with a very braggadocious attitude. His appearance on Monday Night Raw however was going fairly well until a certain point, but there are a few things of note that kind of made the whole thing seem a little awkward before it even got going.

Walking down the ramp.

LaMelo really looked like he didn’t want to be there, and yet his father was all smiles as he began an awkward shuffle that resulted in a slide under the bottom rope resulting in Ball being on his back and writhing not unlike a man having a seizure. That might be unkind, but it’s fairly accurate despite the smile on his face. LaMelo on the other hand looked like he wanted to run the other way as quickly as possible.

The script, or lack thereof.

Let’s put it this way, LaVar said some things that were pretty entertaining, such as “There’s only two dudes better than me, and I’m both of ’em!” That right there is just gold no matter if it’s scripted or not. You’d expect that to become a well-known slogan, but then he had to bust out “stay in yo’ lane” when the Miz, his host, started creeping up on him. No matter what, LaVar’s got plenty of words at his disposal for any situation.

The language mishap.

It was right as LaVar was getting into his karate rhythm that his son LaMelo seemed to feel the need to drop a certain word that you JUST DON’T let go on live television. Telling your father to “beat that n—-s a–” on Raw is a definite no-no that a lot of people seemed to have missed. Maybe they were too excited about seeing LaVar and the Miz mix it up, but the censors certainly didn’t miss it.

The overall scene.

As exciting as it can be to see a pro athlete and a WWE superstar get in the ring with one another, it only gets kicked up to another level when there’s a chance that the two might get a little aggressive and start throwing hands at some point. Anyone looking at LaVar on RAW standing against the Miz might have thought he had a decent shot at doing something, but unfortunately it just wasn’t scripted that way. Eventually Dean Ambrose came out amidst the confusion and a six-man tag team match was made. What started out as an effort to promote LaVar’s Big Baller Brand on Miz TV became a kind of cringe-worthy moment you really wanted to just see end. And thankfully it did, eventually.

Without taking anything away from LaVar, LaMelo, and LaVon (yep he was there too) Ball, this segment could have used a little bit better scripting to pull off. The Miz seemed like he was walking through the whole thing while LaVar seemed like he was just moving to get through it. Overall it wasn’t horrible, but it could’ve used a little work.



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