Brock Lesnar Is Being Used To Explain Minneapolis Zoning Regulation Changes

Rent has become a serious problem in a lot of cities situated throughout the United States. In short, there is a lot of demand for housing but not enough housing to meet that demand. As a result, there has been a significant increase in housing prices, which is making it harder and harder for a lot of people’s finances. There are a number of potential solutions for this particular problem, with an excellent example being the rather simple and straightforward one of building more housing.

This is the chosen approach of a coalition in Minneapolis, which is pushing to make fourplexes, meaning a residential building with 4 units, permissible throughout much of the city. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this has resulted in something of a clash between the proponents and the opponents, which has produced a wide range of arguments. For example, some opponents have claimed that most people want to buy their own house in preference for living in a fourplex their entire lives, which has been countered by some proponents pointing out that buying their own house is becoming more and more out of reach for more and more people. With that said, some of the proponents have chosen to make their arguments in a more colorful manner, thus leading to a curious video that makes use of Brock Lesnar to explain the proposal that they are supporting.

How Did the Proponents Explain Their Proposal Using Brock Lesnar?

The video explains the essential points about why something needs to be done, about what is being proposed, and why the proposal could help alleviate current issues in Minneapolis. However, it is more than a little bit bizarre to say the least, seeing as how it seems to be an attempt to make a meme out of the whole issue. The main way that it uses Brock Lesnar is repeating footage of him suplexing Bo Dallas over and over set to a somewhat droning tune. Those who are interested should check it out, but there is a serious limit to what descriptions can accomplish for the very odd video.

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Brock Lesnar Is Being Used To Explain Minneapolis Zoning Regulation Changes
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