Sometimes There’s Just no Way Around It

This year I decided I was going to go all out on a personal branding spree.

The reason?

To take whatever it is I’m doing to the next level.

What’s that level?  Not 100% sure but 8 figures would be nice.

But here’s the thing.

There are lots of things I simply cannot get around to make it happen.

For example, I kind of have to be on TikTok.  I have to be on Instagram.  I have to be on Clubhouse.

Do I literally have to be on these platforms?  Of course not.

But if I want to grow my brand the right way and the quickest way, I have no choice.

I’m not a celebrity.  I’m not famous.  So technically I have to start from scratch.

If I don’t learn these platforms I’ll be left behind, just like I’ll be left behind if I don’t learn the next platform that’s buzzing with opportunity.

Does it mean I have to do it all by myself?  Of course not.  I can hire an editor.  I can hire a marketer.

I’m no TikTok guy.  Frankly the content on there just isn’t my thing.

But that doesn’t matter.  It’s 2021 and if I want to grow a brand, I know I gotta be on there.

Which is to say that there are certain things that there are just no detours for.

I can’t grow a personal brand without being personal.  No virtual assistant is going to be able to create “me” on these platforms.

I have to do it.

Like I said I have people helping me.  I have people marketing and editing for me.  But ultimately if you want a brand, there are some things you just have to suck it up and do.

And that goes for just about anything.

Believe me, if I could have a robot do all of this stuff I would.

But if I want it done right, I gotta make these sacrifices.  And so will you if you want it bad enough.

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