Sometimes There are No Substitutes for Time and Data

I’m an impatient man.  I’m just gonna flat out say it.

If I can’t learn something quickly, I get pissed off.  If I can’t get results fast enough, I get super annoyed.

To my detriment, sometimes I end up quitting or giving up on something way too easily simply because I didn’t get the desired outcome in the time I wanted it.

This is not only one of my flaws, but it’s a flaw of many if not all of us.

Let me share an example of something I’m doing right now that leaves me absolutely no choice but to be patient.

I’m running an advertising campaign with plenty of hiccups

I’ve never created a product in my entire life.

But recently I created a 30 Day Productivity Course which I’m trying to promote.

As much as I want to get sales from organic reach and videos I create to help me promote, if I truly want to get the reach I desire in the time period I want to get it in, I have no choice but to advertise.

So I’ve turned to Facebook Ads as a start.

The first couple of days were absolutely brutal.

Initially I was targeting users that come to this very site.  I chose to create an audience that mimicked the traffic of this website.

Here’s the problem.  Most people that come to this site get here from my other sites where are entertainment oriented.

Who the hell visits an entertainment site, gets to this site, and then all of a sudden wants to buy a productivity course?


I learned this the hard way.  I spent money, recouped none of it and had to move on.  But I had absolutely no choice but to test this.

This is going to take months

When it comes to advertising and you start from square one, you have to get really general before you can get granular.

So in order for me to target the people I think will buy my product, I need to first start off large.  I need to target general interests in order to find out who is interested.

That in and of itself could take a week or even a month, or even longer.

Oh and by the way did I even mention that I need to test out 100s of ads to see which ones work?

Look, I can just throw up ads and waste a ton of money, but if I really want to get surgical with this, save the most money, and get the most sales, every little step counts.

Every demographic counts.  Every ad tested counts.  Every dollar spent counts.

This is literally an endless process and even when it “ends” there’s still more testing and work to be done because things always change.

I may find out that my entire program itself needs to be revamped.

I might find out that I’ve been advertising in the wrong place all along.

There are just so many variables here that haven’t even come up yet.

Only time and data will get me there

The point is this:  only time and data are going to get me the results I desire.

There’s literally nothing I can do other than test the hell out of every single thing that I can test.

But here’s the great thing.  Once I go through this process I’ll have learned a ton.

It will make every single process after that a hundred times easier.

Remember this.

When you’re trying something for the first time, get it right, no matter how long it takes.

There are no substitutes for the time and data that are necessary to get most projects done.


If you’re interested in that course I was talking about, here it is!


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