Should I Publish This or Not? Of Course You Should

In today’s world of content consumption it’s harder than ever to choose what you want to watch, read, or experience at a given moment.  Countless businesses and entities are vying for you attention and will likely do anything to get it.  And that includes creating some of the most eye catching ads, content, and whatever else they can throw at you.   But what if you’re on the other side of the equation?  What if you yourself are the content creator?

A question I get asked, and a question that’s become more and more popular these days, is the dreaded “should I post this?” question.  Content creators, while ambitious, are increasingly hesitant to release their work into the world.  Given how much content is out there, many creators feel continuous pressure to make sure that their content is top notch.  So much so that in many instances they won’t publish their content at all.

There’s a tremendous fear that their work won’t be good enough, that no one will read it, and that if they get a bad response it could damage their careers.  When this happens they may fear to ever create a piece of content to publish again.

I’m here to answer the original question with a very blunt, “of course you should publish it.”

My personal experience as a publisher

I can only speak for myself when it comes to publishing content, but I do think that my experience here is valid  Having literally published over 100,000 pieces of content in the 13 years I’ve done this, and having had literally billions of visits to my websites, there is an undeniable truth when it comes to the popularity of content: it’s nearly impossible to tell what is going to work and what is not.

There have been times in my life where I’ve written a piece of content and thought it was one of the worst things I’ve ever written.  Every inch of my being would say, “don’t even bother with this one.”  And yet, sometimes those are the pieces of content that have gotten the most views, the most comments, the most engagement, and have even made me the most money.

On the flip side I’ve worked my ass off on something that I was incredibly proud of, was ready to hit publish and antsy to see how it did, and you know what?  They were duds.  Crickets.  No readers.  No comments,  No money.  No nothing.

It’s not up to you

The fact of the matter is you are not even remotely in control of how your piece of content is going to fare out there in the public realm.  That part is up to the public.  It’s up to each individual reading or watching what you’ve decided to release into the world.  But if you don’t release anything into the world, not only are you never going to know, but your business, career, whatever, is going to remain stagnant.  Because even with a negative review you at least get feedback.  You can at least learn.  You can at least evolve.  But if you just sit there and publish nothing, then nothing is exactly what you’re going to get in return.  You know the saying, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take?” Kind of applies here doesn’t it?

So what does win out?

In online publishing, in social media, in any business that you want to grow, one of the most important factors to growth is output and consistency of output.   The person who posts once a day on social media is usually going to win out over the person who posts once a month.  The website that produces five quality articles a day is going to win out over the one that produces only one quality article per month.

Granted there are exceptions. There are those that don’t have to post frequently and consistently to have a large audience, but please remember these are exceptions to the rule, not the rule itself.   You can control how much you write or produce, and you can control how often those productions get released.  The rest isn’t up to you at all.

*Keep the quality

One last word on all of this.  I’m not saying that quantity over quality is the winner here.  Far from it.  I still think that people should put their best foot forward when creating a piece of content.  You shouldn’t just be aiming to post for the sake of posting.  But I am saying that within this quality matrix, try to get into the habit of posting regularly if not habitually.

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