While I have my own business that’s part of my day to day, thankfully it affords me the flexibility to focus on a few of my other side gigs.  While I happen to believe that reading this website and watching my videos will help you a tremendous amount in your life, there are times when a bit more one to one is necessary to give you the boost you need.

I work as a performance coach, speaker and course creator. If you want to call it a life coach or personal coach, that’s fine. However, I use the term performance because I specialize in helping people maximize their potential. And that requires action, commitment, and work.

This is who I work with:

People who are driven – if you aren’t driven there’s zero chance I would ever be able to work with you
People who want more – if you think there’s more to life than what you are doing, we should talk
People willing to invest in themselves – one of the biggest fallacies out there is that investing in yourself is a waste of time or money. Tell that to me who having been in therapy and having been coached realize that without these people to guide me, there’s ZERO chance I’d have the life I have now.

Coaching for Individuals:

If you are looking to move from a situation you are currently in to an ideal situation, we should talk.  I offer performance coaching which effectively enables people to unlock their potential and maximize it.  Every individual is different.  I treat each client based on their situation and needs, but the goal is always the same: maximum efficiency and output/minimum time spent.

Coaching for Businesses:

If you own a business and are looking to get your employees to perform optimally, it’s a very similar process.  I take a look at your business and we figure out how to maximize the efficiency and output while minimizing time spent.


If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker below are some topics I focus on:

Digital Media – One person doing what 100 can do, Content Strategy, Online Advertising, Career Advice, Idea Generation, Ad Operations, Building and Growing a Website Business, Managing a Team of Writers, SEO, Link Building, and more.

Living Life Unapologetically – Doing what you want and how to get there, motivational tactics, how to be an entrepreneur, lifestyle choices, financial advice, time management, and more.

My Course

As an alternative to my coaching programs which run 1-3 months and can be costly to some, I do have a 30 day course available that condenses 13 years worth of knowledge into about 150 minutes of tips geared toward maximizing performance.

To speak further, email me at nat@uncoached.com