Positivity “Mindset” Only Works Combined With Tangible Action

To this day one of the biggest buzz words in the personal development field is “mindset.”

I have nothing against this word nor approach.

I firmly believe that having the right mindset is a great place to start any journey towards self improvement.

There’s no question that attaining anything takes the right frame of mind, body, soul, everything working in tandem to get where you want to go.

However, everything is completely null and void without action.

And therein lies an issue with many of the “mindset gurus” out there.

I don’t know how many times I need to say this but you cannot simply think your way into a preferred life of your dreams.

It simply does not and cannot ever work this way.

Only when combined with action will you get results

Want to be positive?  All the more power to you.

Want to dream about having more time, flexibility, money, and anything else you want?


But none of that is going to be possible without two major things:  a plan to get there and the execution of said plan.

Anything else is just fluff. Seriously.

You need to get complete tunnel vision when it comes to achieving what you want.

You need to stare at the plan you’ve created and you’ve got to take action on that plan, period.

As I’ve said before, “no excuses, get it done.”

One of the issues a ton of people have is coming up with the right plan and holding themselves accountable to execute it.

This is where I come in….

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