Please Get Me The Hell Out of Here

As you are reading this, at this very moment, I’m sitting in my office.  I feel completely trapped.  Trapped as in there’s not a single place for me to go.  My two boys (4 and 8) are about 15 feet away from me trying to start their own Youtube channel.

They’re screaming right now.  They’re arguing about what to make.  My wife has absolutely no idea how to make a Youtube video.  I have absolutely no desire to teach them how to do this.  The volume level is only slightly less than the final 10 seconds of a tie game during Superbowl Sunday.

Outside of my house there’s a guy power washing because over the last 2 years the exterior of my house is looking more like a moss swamp than it actually does a house. The decibel level of this job feels like it’s getting exceedingly higher by the minute.

Get me the hell out of here

There’s nothing I can do.  I mean nothing I can do right now.  There’s nowhere for me to go.  There are no people I want to see because I’m in the shittiest frame of mind to be interacting with anyone right now.

I just feel lost.

I feel suffocated.

I’m feeling the whole “pandemic fatigue” thing.

Why am I even telling you this?

So then what’s the point of writing this?

Why even bother shedding light on my issue at this moment in time?

Because I know so many of you are with me.

I know so many of you are trapped.

You’re feeling suffocated.

You’re feeling alone.

You’re feeling annoyed and agitated.

But you’re still here

But guess what?

You’re still here.

You’re still reading this.

You’re still breathing.

You still have a chance act.

You can still do something, no matter how minimal it might be.

And that, my friends, is a privilege.

Never take it for granted.

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