One of The Most Underrated Things in Everyone’s Lives

Over the years I’ve learned plenty of things or “hacks” if you will, to improve my life.

I mean, we all do.

We try to better our careers, personal relationships, health, you name it.

The things that we hold most dear never leave our minds and some of us do our best to tend to them.

But the one thing, the one simple thing I think that’s kept me pretty consistent over the last decade plus has been sleep.

Yup, sleep.

I personally think that sleep is one of the most underrated parts of any person’s life.

When I started taking sleep seriously I cannot even begin to describe to you the differences I felt.

And when I say I started taking sleep seriously, I truly mean it.

I’ve probably consumed over 1000 pages of content on sleep and at least 100 videos on the subject.

I’ve also experimented and tried various sleep regimens over and over again to see what works most.

From napping in the middle of the day to setting alarms to getting 6 hours or sleep to getting 10 hours of sleep.

I’ve tried it all.

What I’ve finally found has been the perfect medium to myself is going to bed every night at around 10 and waking up at around 6-6:30am, no alarm.

I also take a nap every day at around 12:30, no alarm.  My naps last around 45 minutes.

I’m literally at a point where my body tells me exactly what to do.  It’s awesome.  I feel like a machine.

I say this not to boast but rather I say this because I insist you all try this.

If you’re not taking sleep seriously, please read up on it as much as you can and begin testing immediately.

It WILL change your life.

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