Never Forget to Find New Projects To Breathe Life Into Yourself

Back in my younger days I found myself getting completely bored in every job I had within six months.  While I think that was both a function of me being young and having no idea what I wanted to do with myself, it didn’t change the fact that I was antsy all the time after a certain period.  It’s why before I started my own business I had nearly 20 jobs in my life.  And then once I started my new business I was amazed to find that after a year I wasn’t tired.

I couldn’t believe that I wanted to do more, learn more, and just have more of it all.  It was a truly amazing feeling.  But despite the fact that I was in a career I liked and I was more stimulated than I had ever been with regards to a job I had, eventually the job became more of a “job” and the boredom set in.

Somehow, 13 years later I’m in the same job and I’d by lying if I didn’t tell you it gets pretty darned monotonous at times.  I know exactly what I have to do each day.  I know how long it approximately takes me to do.  And what sucks is that it rarely changes.  I mean it’s about as straightforward as it gets.

It makes for a great living.  It’s a situation I’m grateful for, but good God it can get boring.  The difference between now and then is that I’m not necessarily looking for a new job.  However I’m definitely looking for new things to do.  Hell, that’s why I’m writing on this very site.

But if any of you out there feel the same way as I do, I’ve got two ways to keep things interesting.

1. Continuously challenge yourself in your existing role

While I’ve had this job for 13 going on 14 years now, I feel like every 2-3 years my job become somewhat new.   For the first 3 years or so of my digital publishing days I was mostly learning by fire.  I wrote articles every day while at the same time teaching myself how to monetize my websites.  I learned how to market.  I learned out to get valuable links, build relationships, you name it.  But after 3 years I took on a partner.

The business completely changed.  I wasn’t just writing for my sites.  I was representing other sites and trying to broker ad deals for them.  This was an entirely new business. Not to mention that I wasn’t just working for myself anymore.  Having a partner took on an entirely new role and approach.

And even within that partnership our business changed multiple times.  We went from representing other websites to only having our own websites.   We went from making money buy purchasing traffic for our websites to eventually only focusing on SEO for our websites.

The point is that each one of these “transitions” took time.  Usually about 2-3 years.  So even though I had the same business, it was constantly evolving and I was almost never bored.  Today?  Today I’m a little bored and I’ll find another way to transform.

What I’m saying is that even if you’re doing something for 13 years, you can find a fresh approach to make it “new” again.  If you don’t it’s gonna get stale and you’ll want to quit.  It’s nearly impossible to do the same thing day after day and year after year for decades.  That would drive most people up the wall.

2. Find something entirely new

If you’re unable to find ways to constantly make your job new year after year, then it might be time to find something new altogether.  For me it’s this website.  For me it’s the building of courses that help people be more productive.  For me it’s producing video content every single day on Linkedin.  For me it’s learning how to build my own personal brand and market it.  For me it’s having a goal of speaking in front of thousands of people and doing workshops and seminars.  There’s this entirely new thing I’m working on and it’s breathed fresh life into me.

This is a crucial thing for all of us.  The moment we stop stimulating ourselves, we’re in trouble.

It goes for everything

P.S. this doesn’t just apply to careers and your jobs.   This applies to everything in life.  Marriages can get boring.  Being a parent can get boring.  Having the same friend for 10 years can feel stale.  It’s why you do new things with your spouse.  It’s why you try new activities with your kids.  It’s why you add friends and continue trying to find new things to do with your existing ones.

Keep it fresh!

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