Never, Ever Be Afraid to Admit You Don’t Know Something

Somewhere around my senior year in high school I remember forgetting that Utah was a state.

No clue why.  It just totally slipped my mind.

It always sticks out to me because I remember admitting it and getting made fun of in class.

I felt kind of dumb for the blunder but that wasn’t the issue.  The issue was that it silenced me moving forward.

If I didn’t know something I would be quiet, almost embarrassed to admit my lack of knowledge.

Thankfully that’s something I’ll never, ever do again.

If I don’t know something I’m always the first person to admit it, and that’s exactly what I teach my kids.

There’s nothing wrong with being the first person to raise your hand when you don’t something.

Those are the smartest people in the room.

It’s the ones who are quiet trying to pass themselves off as knowledgeable who will wind up getting burned in the end.

I’ve seen it way too many times.

Honestly there’s no other lesson here.  Seriously.

Too many people would rather look “good” and be quiet than look “bad” and seem dumb.

Dumb is the dumbest word in these scenarios.  The best learners are the ones who are thirsty to learn, not hiding in the shadows for fear of embarrassment.

Raise your hand, it only makes you smarter.

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