I work as a performance coach. If you want to call it a life coach or personal coach, that’s fine. However, I use the term performance because I specialize in helping people maximize their potential. And that requires action, commitment, and work.

This is who I work with:

People who are driven – if you aren’t driven there’s zero chance I would ever be able to work with you
People who want more – if you think there’s more to life than what you are doing, we should talk
People willing to invest in themselves – one of the biggest fallacies out there is that investing in yourself is a waste of time or money. Tell that to me who having been in therapy and having been coached realize that without these people to guide me, there’s ZERO chance I’d have the life I have now.

And how do I know I can help? I’ve LIVED it. I’ve been there.

Here’s my story:

I never wanted a boss. Ever. Also, I absolutely cannot stand commuting anywhere. Since a very young age I had a problem with authority and always wanted to do my own thing. It’s not that I didn’t like people. I love people. I love motivating, making people laugh, all that fun stuff. I just never wanted anyone telling me what to do. I just couldn’t shake it, no matter how hard I tried. For the first 6 years of my working career I did the best I could, but just couldn’t ignore the feeling of not wanting to work for someone.

One day I found this blogging platform and it changed my entire career and life forever. Six months later, I quit my job and never looked back. Not once. That was back in 2007.

I began my journey in digital media with the creation of one website. Today, the portfolio of 9 sites reaches 6 million visitors a month and spans numerous verticals including lifestyle, entertainment, pets, home, finance, and more. To date, I’ve never taken any investment capital and have never had an employee. I’m also able to work only 3-4 hours a day. How has this been done from a home office by myself? That’s part of what I love talking about and teaching others to do.

These days I have a flexible schedule which allows me to pursue some of the interests in my life which include playing piano, reading as much as I possibly can, staying healthy, and most importantly being around my wife and two boys.

If you want to learn how to free up your life drop me a message on here or feel free to email me at nat@uncoached.com