My Son is Extremely Scared to Catch a Baseball

My son is 8 years old and is a total daredevil.

He’ll literally jump a flight of stairs, not realize he’s risking breaking his neck, and be totally fine with it.

The kid can scale walls, no seriously, he can scale walls like Spider-Man.

He’ll pick up large insects (including Spiders) and not even blink an eye.

The kid is totally fearless.

But when it comes to catching a baseball with a glove?  Completely different story.

He’ll flinch to no end.  He’ll get incredibly uncomfortable.  He just wants no part of that incoming ball.

So what do I spend the most time with him doing?

Every single day I’m out there with him having a catch.

It’s not that I don’t want him being the best daredevil he can be.  Hell if he wants to be an extreme sports guy I’m all for it.

But what’s more important to me is preparing him for adversity.

One day he’s going to face a situation that’s completely foreign to him and he’s going to have to make a choice.

Is he going to face that challenge or is he going to walk away from it?

If I can’t help him get over his fear of catching a baseball, then how’s he going to navigate his life when unexpected challenges arise?

He’ll always be a daredevil.  I’ll never worry about that and I’ll always encourage it.

But he also needs to learn to catch that baseball.

That’s what will separate him from the rest of the pack, and that’s what will give him the competitiveness to challenge himself.

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