My List of Demands if I Were Ever To Work for a Company Again

I’ve been my own boss for the past 15 years.

Often I’ve wondered if I could ever go back to the “workforce.”

Could I do the conventional “get up, commute to work, sit in an office all day, come home, do it again the next day” thing?

If I’m being serious with myself the answer is “no way.”

But if I’m having fun, here are a list of the demands I would have.

  • Don’t ever tell me what to do, ever
  • Commuting is 100% optional
  • I don’t have to attend any meetings, ever
  • My “boss” would have to be someone who I’d likely be incredibly good friends with.
  • 8 figure salary

Outside of those five I would imagine I could tolerate the job that came my way.

Needless to say I doubt I’ll be hitting the job market anytime soon not to mention I have a strong suspicion not one company would hire me.

But it’s fun to dream.

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