Five of the Most Famous Pirate Ships in History

Pirates have always fascinated people throughout history. There’s something sinister yet cool about pirates that just draws us to them regardless of what bad things they may have done in the past. It must be the sense of adventure that comes along with their chosen career path, and of course, the extremely cool pirate ships that comes along with their jobs. Pirate ships are some of the best types of ships around and so many have been notorious in history due to their captains or what the ships have sailed through. Here are five of the most famous and fascinating pirate ships in history.

1. Adventure Galley

Scottish sailor and captain William Kidd is just as famous as his ship, the Adventure Galley. The name of the ship alone implies so much of what it had gone through back in its days in the late 17th century. The ship was launched just before the turn of the 18th century in 1695. Captain Kidd was actually hired by the British and the Americans to hunt down French ships and other pirates back then. However, Kidd turned sides after finding out how difficult it truly was to hunt pirates. He needed money to pay back what the governments had given him, so he resorted to attacking allied ships in order to do so. That goal had long been lost in the deep waters. Kidd abandoned his ship and was eventually caught and executed in 1701.

2. Queen Anne’s Revenge

Blackbeard is probably one of the most famous pirate names throughout history. His ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, was actually a remodeled version of ship he had capture in 1717, the Concorde. The Concorde was originally built as a slave ship—something that Blackbeard wanted to use to his advantage due to its undeniable speed. He added 26 more guns to that original ship, which already had 14 to begin with. Queen Anne’s Revenge became one of the most powerful and infamous pirate ships in North American waters during that time until it crashed in 1718. Remnants of the ship were discovered in 1997 off the coast of North Carolina.

3. Fancy

Pirates and mutiny almost always go hand in hand, and in the case of the pirate ship Fancy, that’s exactly what happened. Sailor turned pirate Henry Avery began his career after a successfully planned mutiny occurred in May of 1694. Fancy had a total of 50 guns and at one time had a crew of 150 pirates. It turned out that his talents for navigating the waters and commanding people came from the fact that Avery was a former Royal Navy midshipman. They mostly sailed in the Indian Ocean area, and the group of pirates amassed quite a huge fortune that by 1695, Avery was ready to retire. He did so and died a wealthy man. His crew was not as lucky.

4. Whydah

You know you’re a great pirate ship when you can successfully pirate a large number of ships. That’s exactly what the Whydah was known for, as it was thought to have had treasure from more than 50 ships in the past. The Whydah was created and used as a slave ship back in 1715 before it found a new purpose under the direction of “Black Sam” Bellamy. Bellamy took over the Whydah after having seized it along the Windward Passage. While Bellamy was navigating the waters along the eastern coastline of the American colonies, the Whydah slammed into the sandbar. The ship sank, and out of 146 crewmembers, only 2 survived.

5. Royal Fortune

Pirate Bartholomew Roberts captured a French brigantine vessel back in 1720. He outfitted this vessel with 26 cannons and called it Royal Fortune. Roberts used Royal Fortune in the Caribbean area. In addition, Roberts captured another vessel, a French warship, which he also turned it another ship named Royal Fortune. Later on, Roberts captured another ship, the Onslow, which he renamed Royal Fortune yet again. You can imagine the rest of this story, and no one knows for sure actually just how many Royal Fortune ships Roberts came up with throughout his career. But he passed away in 1722 after a British warship sank his last and final Royal Fortune. Roberts will remain to be one of the most notorious names in pirating.

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