The “Millennial Whoop” is That Sound You Hear In Pretty Much Every Song Now


So there’s this sound that’s been going on in music since about 2012.  What’s interesting about it is that no one’s really placed a label on it.  However, the folks at Quartz bring us this video that kind of explains it in detail.  You know the song “California Gurls” by Katy Perry?  You know the chorus part where she says “oh oh oh oh oh!”    How about Kings of Leon “Use Somebody.”  How about any Coldplay song?

Well, turns out it’s everywhere and musician Patrick Metzger calls it the “millennial whoop” and I think that’s a perfect name.  For all you music heads out there it’s a shift from the fifth note in a scale to the third note and then a shift back to the fifth.  Since most pop music is based on rhythmic patterns, this “whoop” makes new songs sound familiar.

In other words,  it’s kind of way any song produced after the year 2010 sounds the same and sucks. Here’s a closer look:

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