10 Funny Facts About Marvin the Martian

The Looney Toons character Marvin the Martian is one of those seldom scene dudes that we all love and wait for with anxious anticipation because he’s so hilarious. He doesn’t seem able to get the dub on the main characters although it’s not for a lack of trying. It’s downright funny when he goes through a long diatribe explaining the weapon and its long name that is going to blast bugs bunny into the atmosphere. This is just one of the things that make us love him. Here are 10 funny facts about Marvin the Martian that we thought you’d appreciate.

1. Marvin’s space uniform is meant to be a funny joke

If you look really close, you’ll realize that Marvin the Martian’s uniform is supposed to be the uniform of the Roman god of war named Mars. There are some features that are similar and although Marvin Hardly resembles anything close to being a god or a warrior, the outfit is even funnier because of this fact. The best part of the outfit is that instead of the hallmark feather plum on his helmet we see in so many depictions of Mars, Marvin has a push-broom head on the top of his helmet. It’s no wonder he has such a bad disposition.

2. Marvin’s character was created because Bugs Bunny needed a worthy adversary

Yosemite Sam couldn’t seem to best ol’ Bugs Bunny and the rabbit had outwitted him on so many different fronts that the animator Chuck Jones made up his mind that Bugs needed something that was the opposite of Sam’s loudmouthed character to add a bit of contrast and keep things interesting. This is why he invented Marvin, who was a very soft-spoken and quiet little Martian who was also an ill-tempered and destructive little know-it-all.

3. Marvin’s debut was in 1948 and he didn’t have a name

When Marvin made his first appearance, he made the acquaintance of Bugs Bunny in outer space. The little alien from Mars was intent on his plot to blow up the earth. He was an odd little fellow but he wasn’t given a name yet. His voice was also a lot different and you’ll notice this fact if you compare the two.

4. Marvin has some famous fans

Here is a really fun fact about Marvin the Martian. Ludacris is one of his biggest fans. He even included a reference to Marvin in his song “Mouthing Off” when he sings “Yo, I am goin’ to blow up the Earth with my ‘pew-36 explosive space modulator.” Ludacris isn’t the only rapper who has a fascination with Marvin. Even T-Pain refers to Marvins famous favorite weapon for blasting Bugs Bunny in one of his songs.

5. Marvin the Martian has a girlfriend

Well, let’s re-phrase that to say that there is a sweet little Martian girl that he would love to make his girlfriend. Marvin has a real thing for Queen Tyr’ahnee but his love is not returned by her. Tia Carrere is the voice for Tyr’ahnee.

6. Marvin has a side-splitting reason for his crazed desire to blow up the earth

Have you ever wondered what put such a bur under Marvin’s blanket that makes him want to blast the earth out of existence? While some believed that he was offended by Bugs Bunny, this really isn’t the answer. He wanted to blow the Earth up since before he first met bugs in 1948. It was disclosed that the real reason behind Marvin’s rage is because the Earth is blocking his view of Venus.

7. Marvin has a dog

In order to know this fun and funny fact, you’d have to go back and watch the entire video Haredevil Hare. Marvin’s dog is named K-9, appropriately, but we notice that the dog seems to bear some strange yet slight resemblance to Pluto and it is believed that Marvin’s pup was inspired by the Disney character.

8. Marvin comes from a whole family of destructive little Martians

It must be in the genes of Marvins family to want to be explosives experts because we get to know Marcia, Marvin’s niece in some Tiny Toon Adventures episodes and she is every bit as malicious and destructive as her uncle Marvin. Maybe she’s made because we’re blocking her view of Venus too.

9. His shoes are the ultimate hilarity

Who wears the uniform of a god and then pairs them with a pair of old-fashioned basketball shoes. We’ll tell you who does. It’s Marvin the Martian.

10. Marvin is on a MetLife commercial

One of the funniest facts about Marvin the Martian is that he was used in a MetLife commercial. This was a brilliant move because there are few Americans who don’t truly love the mean little guy. It’s great that they used him because he’s the force that’s bent on wrecking the world and if he doesn’t get the job completely done, you’re going to need to have some good Insurance.

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