Maps Can’t Be Made Without Exploring the Territory First

I’ve looked it up and to my knowledge this quote doesn’t exist, so I’m taking credit for it.

You cannot make a map without exploring the territory first, period.

Do you think the person who made the first map decided they’d make an imaginary path of what they thought would be the right route to get somewhere?

Of course not.  They went on an adventure.  They took risks.  They roughed the terrain, animals, land, sea, you name it.

It was only after this incredible journey that they were able to record it, draw it, and explain to others what to expect.

For some reason there are too many people that miss this message.

The assumption of an outcome is no more than that, an assumption.

We can make predictions.  We can analyze something until we’re blue in the face.

But the only way we’ll ever “find out” is by actually doing the thing.  By walking the walk.  By talking the talk.

By having that experience first.

Once we have those experiences then we can draw from them to create sufficient roadmaps for others.

Remember that the next time you act like you know what you’re talking about but haven’t done the thing yet.

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