Yes, Roger Federer is the Best of All-Time and It’s Not Even Close

In the world of professional tennis Roger Federer is tearing it up with a vengeance. He’s established the kind of personal legacy that athletes only dream of and he’s still going strong to this day. This type of athlete is the kind that some look to with envy and others look to as a target to reach in their career. His astounding number of wins and grand slam final appearances have cemented him as the overall greatest athlete in professional tennis at this time, and there’s still room to add another few accolades to his name. Despite no longer being in his prime he remains a very competitive player and the bar that many others aspire to reaching.

Here’s a few solid reasons why he’s the greatest of all time.

He hasn’t retired from a single match in his life. 

Federer knows how to stick in there for good or ill. That takes an athlete of a special caliber to know when to just stick to his guns and refuse to go down quietly. Even if he’s suffered a loss Federer has stuck in the entire game and seen it through. That takes an amount of determination that is nothing short of inspiring. It’s nothing against the other competitors that have retired their matches more than once, but Federer is obviously not willing to accept this kind of stat on his record. Play until you finish is the way to go.

Federer has won at least five times in seven different tournaments.

Tournaments are on a different level than most play considering that they tend to bring together the best of the sport and are often far more competitive. During a regular season in any sport you can possibly drop a match here and there. But in a tournament it is every person for themselves. You must be at your very best and be able to represent the type of skills that you’ve worked so hard to attain. This type of record is extremely impressive given that Federer had to be out so many to come out on top.

He’s the only player to win back to back grand slam victories five times.

If you aren’t impressed by his record yet then it might be time to sit up and take note. Grand Slams aren’t a joke for any player. They are a very serious competition that pits the absolute best against the absolute best in a contest that is eventually one player take all. Simply winning one is enough to place a tennis player in the annals of the sport for some time to come. But winning them back to back speaks of the type of skill that is simply unheard of in most athletes. And to think that Federer has done this five different times is more than just astounding, it is awe-inspiring in a way that makes one wonder just how anyone will possibly top his records in this lifetime. It is possible, but not always likely.

Roger Federer has surpassed his fellow athletes in a way that only a select few ever have. His legacy at this point is assured, now all that remains is to see how he ends his career eventually.


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