Waffle House Wants U.S. Fans to Boycott Belgian Waffles to Support the U.S. Soccer Team

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Later on today, at four o’clock, the United States will play Belgium in the Round of 16 at the World Cup in Brazil. And even if you’re not able to go travel to the match or watch it on TV, Waffle House is giving you another way to support your country – by not eating Belgian Waffles. That’s right, Waffle House wants Americans to boycott Belgian Waffles to support the U.S. soccer team, and you know what, I’m all for that. Why not eat a nice stack of pancakes or an omelette or, if you’re really dying for a waffle, just grab yourself an Eggo?

But why stop at Belgian waffles? Why don’t we also boycott Belgian fries, Belgian chocolate, and Belgian beer? For today, at least, let’s just make America the anit-Belgium and purge ourselves of anything that can be related to the country(sorry to anyone of Belgian descent, but this game is bigger than you people right now).

To be honest, the United States need all the support it can get today, even if it does weirdly come from somewhere as random as Waffle House. Belgium has not lost a game yet in their first three matches in the World Cup, while the U.S. is coming off of a tie to Portugal and a loss to Germany in its final match before the Round of 16. While the United Sates team has played very competitively in the tournament so far, Belgium will definitely be their biggest challenge yet.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen them yet, here are the comments made by Waffle House about the whole Belgian waffle ordeal on Twitter, and they’re pretty perfect.

Waffle House

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