San Antonio Spurs Unveil the Triple Decker 3-Pointer Sandwich

3-Pointer Sandwich

Yesterday, I wrote an article about why people should stop eating fast food, but today I’m going to disregard what I said about trying to eat healthy. The AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs, and food service company Aramark announced together today the release of the triple decker 3-Pointer sandwich, a nod to the Spurs’ Big Three (Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili). And my god, while it looks insanely unhealthy, it also looks incredibly delicious.

This what the new sandwich consists of:  three barbecued meats (pork, smoked beef brisket and sausage), three cheeses (Texas havarti, Muenster and queso fresco), Mexican Coca Cola caramelized onions, and your choice of BBQ sauce (root beer BBQ, adobo BBQ or Creole mustard BBQ) sandwiched between three slices of Texas Toast. Yeah, I know – it sounds gluttonous but also so satisfying.

So does anyone want to fly down to San Antonio with me right now to go try one?  I mean, the sandwich itself only costs $12.50 (which is super cheap for the sheer size and amount of food it provides, not to mention that you’re purchasing it from concessions in a professional sports stadium, where prices are always jacked up high), but I definitely think the plane tickets to and from Texas, along with the heart surgery I’ll have to have after, are worth the price to try the 3-pointer. Or maybe it’s just my obsession with ridiculously large but very tasty sandwiches. Who knows? I blame Hoagie Haven. 

Spurs fans can pick themselves up a 3-Pointer at The Smokehouse BBQ in Section 122. And thanks to BustedCoverage for first finding out about this story.

Photo courtesy of Aramark

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