Pat Sajak’s Scooby Doo Impression is Absolutely Ridiculous

Wheel Of Fortune Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Pat Sajak should really stick to just hosting things, because I think his career as an actor would not go very far after watching this video. Although it’s a few months old, this clip from Wheel of Fortune remains hilarious, as Pat Sajak does a Scooby Doo impression that can only be described as absolutely ridiculous.

The best part about all of the whole video, though, is everyone’s reactions. Apparently, all the guests and everyone in the audience for the show wanted to be polite and not unleash the unknown powers that Sajak holds, because they all laugh and smile and clap, even though on the inside they all know his impression was god awful. So either all the people at Wheel of Fortune that day were just trying to be nice and go with it, or they couldn’t help laughing because of just how crazy and unusual it is to see Pat Sajak do any type of impression, specially of Scooby Doo. And let’s also get one thing clear: Pat Sajak sounded absolutely nothing like Scooby Doo. Seriously. It wasn’t even in the same vicinity of Scooby Doo – not even Scooby on a bad day with a cold.

What I do give Sajak credit for is having fun on his show. I’m a much bigger fan of guys like him and Tom Bergeron than I am of the stiff twig-like hosts like Alex Trebek, who most certainly takes his Jeopardy hosting duties WAY too seriously.  So good for you, Pat Sajak. Even though your impressions are terrible, at least you have the guts and the sense of humor to do them.

Watch Sajak’s impression and then listen to Scooby Doo’s actual laugh to compare.

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

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