Nigeria’s Goalkeeper Takes a Break During the Middle of a Game

Nigeria Goalkeeper 2

Something I’ve always admired about soccer players is their ability to run up and down the field without somehow getting too winded. Sure, they’re probably tired, and their legs might hurt but they never show it. Well, Nigeria’s goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama either succumbed to those feelings of exhaustion yesterday or he must have been really really bored, because he just took a break and chilled out during the middle of a game.

The best part about what Enyeama did is that he’s just relaxing and leaning up against the goalpost, not while the ball is down on the opposing team’s side but on Nigeria’s. Seriously, if you look at the full collection of pictures at the bottom of this article, you can see from the wide shot that Enyeama is leaning against the pole while the opposition has the ball just outside the box. Imagine if he had let in a costly goal there that had made Nigeria lose the game – yikes.

Even though I’m sure Enyeama might get a lot of flack for these pictures, from people on the web or even his own teammates on Nigeria, I have to say that I like the guy. It’s nice to see sometimes that these amazingly talented athletes are just like us, and when I played soccer back in the day (like literally over 13 years ago), I would play goalie and always want to just chill out like this. So, essentially, what I’m saying is, I see what you’re doing, Enyeama, and I get it. And now because of this, I’m totally rooting for Nigeria in the World Cup (second to the United States, of course).

Here’s more images of Enyema chilling out for your viewing pleasure:

Nigeria Goalkeeper

Photo via Imgur


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