A Long List of Guys You Didn’t Know Scored 50 pts in an NBA Game


Scoring 50 points in a basketball game is a tremendous feat.  Notice I just said basketball game.  I remember scoring 33 when I was on Junior Varsity in High School.  It felt like I scored 100 points.  And I was still 17 points away.   So imagine not only scoring 50 points in one game, but 50 in an NBA game. Sometimes I find myself laughing when I say an NBA player sucks.  I mean the dude is 1000 times better than I’ll ever be.  And I know I’m just referring to his NBA skill vs. other NBA player skills.  Still though, it’s weird. In any event, I’d like to give credit to those players whose names you might not know as being guys in the 50 pt club. Here are a bunch of guys that scored 50 or more points in one game at the NBA level.

Joe Fulks (Philadelphia) against Indiana on 2/10/1949
Purvis Short (Golden State) against New Jersey on 11/17/1984
Jack Twyman (Cincinnati) against Minneapolis on 1/15/1960
Fred Brown (Seattle) against Golden State on 3/23/1974
Richie Guerin (New York) against Syracuse on 12/11/1959
Chet Walker (Chicago) against Cincinnati on 2/6/1972
Cliff Hagan (St Louis) against Cincinnati on 2/11/1962
Willie Burton (Philadelphia) against Miami on 12/13/1993
Phil Chenier (Baltimore) against Portland on 12/6-1972
Ray Williams (New Jersey) against Detroit on 4/17/1982
Billy Knight (Indiana) against San Antonio on 11/11/1980
George Yardley (Detroit) against Syracuse on 2/4/1958
Larry Kenon (San Antonio) against Detroit on 3/3/1980
Truck Robinson (New Orleans) against New Jersey on 11/21/1978
Freeman Williams (San Diego) against Phoenix on 1/19/1980
John Drew (Atlanta) against Denver on 12/30/1978
Walt Wesley (Cleveland) against Cincinnati on 2/19/1971

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