Why Jimmer Fredette Should Not Return to the NBA, Ever

Jimmer Fredette is a good player, of that there’s no doubt. He’s had his stint in the NBA in the past, playing for the New Orleans Pelicans, the Knicks, the Bulls, and the Kings. His most recent team in the CBA, the Shanghai Sharks, has been where he’s really seemed to excel. It almost seems like he might be better off not coming back to the NBA, as he would most likely be taken for granted and used in a capacity that he’s not used to and that would force him to adjust to a style of play that is out of his comfort zone. There are reasons for him to stay but there are more reason for him to go.

Here are just a few reasons that Jimmer Fredette should not make his way back to the NBA (other than the fact he just signed a $1.8 million contract).

He has a following in China.

In the CBA he’s a well-known and very well-respected player. Those of his caliber are very dominant overseas and the fact that he’s aggressive on the court works to his favor as he can use his size and skill to outfox the other players. The CBA is still made up of skilled and capable players, but it’s not quite like the NBA.

His game wouldn’t be the same in the NBA. 

Fredette scores quite often in the CBA. He’s able to use his skill set to great advantage in the Chinese game and is extremely dominant. If he came back to the NBA he’d be dealing with players that are just as skilled as he is if not more so, and probably wouldn’t find as many opportunities to score as he does in the CBA. Eventually he might get overlooked for the next big thing to come along.

He wants to be closer to his family.

Jimmer has a wife and daughter he wants to be closer to and considering that they’re not going to be moving to China it’s extremely difficult to be away from his family for so long. The money he can make playing in China isn’t the same as it would be in the NBA, but the Shanghai Sharks are actually willing to sign him back on so there’s a guarantee of getting paid at least if he goes back to the CBA. It’s a tough decision but one that would allow him to keep supporting his family.

He was given offers but turned them down. This could be a sign that he’s not ready to come back.

He says he’d come back but he’s already turned down a couple of offers. If he keeps waiting on the right offer there’s a good chance that he’ll end up missing the chance to play in China and be forced to take something he really doesn’t want. Right now Jimmer just needs a team, and the Sharks are ready and willing to take him back. Go where the money’s being offered Jimmer.

If he’s smart Jimmer Fredette will make the decision to stay with the CBA and continue to be dominant. Even though the contract is smaller it’s still a paycheck and a chance to really shine.

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