Game of Thrones Gets Brady Bunched by Will Wheaton

Game of Thrones Brady bunch

Yesterday, we brought you a cosplayer who looked remarkably like Arya Stark, and now today, in Game of Thrones news, I give you Game of Thrones: The Family Sitcom. On his show, The Will Wheaton Project, Will Wheaton reworked the epic Game of Thrones title sequence and gave it a Brady Bunch makeover. Now, instead of the sprawling, ever-evolving map of Westeros, we get little squares with each of our favorite (living and deceased) characters smiling at us, not yet knowing the countless troubles that await them.

Wheaton’s redesigned title sequence is absolute gold from the start, when we first hear about the “lovely lady,” AKA Cersei, before the song describes what “what a pest” raising her three children has been and then focuses on Joffrey alone, saying, “He had hair of gold, like his uncle, because of incest.” From there, we’re introduced to the poor Starks, including honorable Ned, who was “noble so he died pretty quick,” and the many ill-fated romantic pairings of Westeros, who “slipped each other very graphic bones.”

Overall, the entire video is full of great jokes about the show, made only funnier by the fact it’s these little kid voices singing about it. And yet the more times I watch the video, the more I want to see someone edit Game of Thrones clips together in such a way that it would look and feel like a sitcom. Just imagine: Game of Thrones with a terribly annoying laugh track.  I think that video could even be better than this one, and this is easily one of the best Game of Thrones parody videos I’ve ever seen.

Watch it for yourself below.

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