Football Moments in Movies That Were Just as Good as the Real Thing

Sports movies are great when they keep to the subject matter and show you plenty of the game that they’re supposed to represent. While some tend to get dark and show you the supposed seedier side of the game, others tend to stick close to the action and show you moments that can and do actually happen in the game. In the NFL there are a lot of action sequences that seem implausible and out of the norm, where the movies gather their inspiration is usually from plays that have blown the defense away in the actual game. The greatest trick and winning plays in the NFL are those that didn’t often seem possible or were so difficult that success seemed like a pipe dream.

So when you watch these keep in mind that they are possible in real life and in many ways are just as good as the actual game.

5. Any Given Sunday-final touchdown

Sometimes the quarterback is simply left no other option but to go forward. He might not have anyone to pass to, the defense could be crowding in and collapsing the pocket, or he simply doesn’t see any other option. In those rare cases the qb might just go ahead and dive onto the pile, or over it if he can.

4. Necessary Roughness-He’ll never touch you.

A solid and capable team will know how to protect one another. The quarterback is the shot-caller and therefore needs the most protection.  This is why Manu’s proclamation is one of the best moments in the film, because it means that he’s going to break someone in half if that’s what it means to protect his quarterback. The qb is the guy that makes his team believe that the impossible can be done, and that inspires loyalty.

3. The Replacements-Game-winning TD

From Jumbo laying a massive hit on the defender to Ryan grabbing that last pass into the end zone, this entire play is just harmony on a level that many teams strive for. This is the moment during the game when you’re holding your breath as a fan and hoping and praying that the football gods are listening as you ask so nicely for a win.

2. The Longest Yard-Schoolyard stuff

You definitely won’t see this move all that often largely because it has such a high risk of failure, but it’s impressive if it’s done right. College and NFL teams alike have tried this move, but in the movies it seems to carry a much more meaningful and comedic take than it might in real life.

1. Little Giants-Fumblerooski 

The fumblerooski is something of a ridiculously simple but dangerous play that can be pulled off only if you catch the defense napping. The trick to it is that the center has to willingly fumble the ball and then hope and pray it gets picked up by one of his fellow linemen so that the ball can then be moved forward. In this film it’s classic because the defense has no idea what’s coming. In real life it might not stand such a high rate of success.

Football plays in the movies are impressive largely because of camera angles and the fact that everything is so well choreographed, but it’s still entertaining after this realization hits.


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