Five Pop Culture Phrases That Need to Be Retired

We’re not sure why we get so bitter or upset about certain things people say, but, for better or worse, there are some phrases that just bother us to no end. Reading a buddy’s Facebook wall earlier today after posting on it for his birthday, we creepily saw a few things that brought out rage in us, making us roll our eyes and wanting to slap the person’s hand before they were able to finish typing it. But since we weren’t there to disrupt their typing flow, we’re just hoping that they read this piece to understand that what they said should seriously be retired from all human language.

5. “Best Practice Is…”

If any of you work in an agency setting, then we bet you’re way-too-familiar with this one. Generally meaning, “what everyone else is doing or is acceptable,” we hate the blatant connotation it refers to, telling everyone to stop thinking so creatively and start doing the politically correct thing. If everyone thought and lived that way, we’d be one boring society. We’re OK with playing it safe sometimes and to learn from what others are doing. But when it comes to being a trailblazer, no one would agree with following this dumb phrase.

4. “WTF?”

If you’re going to say these three letters in sequence, you might as well just be an adult, grow a pair and say the real thing, because everyone knows exactly what you’re thinking, so you just look like a fool for making things PG. Start taking emphasis in the things you’re saying, and don’t be a little wussy in swearing around someone like your parents or boss. And if you happen to say this in front of your friends, you deserve to be made fun of.

3. “I Miss Your Face”

This is the phrase that sparked this entire article, because, after reading it on numerous Facebook and Twitter feeds each day, we just couldn’t help but address it.  Look, we understand that you miss the company of your dear friend you’re telling this to. It’s just that the saying itself is about 10 years old, played out thanks to the amount of sorority chicks who use it on a regular basis and just annoying to hear to be bluntly honest.

2. “YOLO”

A phrase that was popularized by rapper Drake for meaning, You Only Live Once,” has somehow become the life motto for either all college students who are consuming an abundance of alcohol, or down-and-out 20-somethings who are hoping to keep their faith when something bad happens. While it’s actually a fair assessment for one to live by, seeing it blasted all over memes of awful human beings doesn’t exactly help its cause in being taken seriously.

1. “Swag”

Sorry to break the news to you, but you do not have swag—not that we do, either. As great as you look in that outfit tonight, where all the ladies will give you more than just a few looks and might even approach you to talk, you still don’t have it. In fact, all the admiration you’re giving yourself by taking selfless or staring at yourself in the mirror is actually decreasing any chance of swag you had. Rather than coming across as calm, cool and confident, you look—and probably act—like a complete idiot. And that’s about as far away from swag as you can get.

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