Five NFL Teams That Could Come Out of Nowhere This Season

The NFL season is almost upon us and mass theories and conjectures are already in full swing on who will go the distance, will the Patriots continue their dynasty, will Beastmode reign supreme in Oakland, and which teams are bound for the Superbowl. Yes, it’s early, but it’s never too early to start the talk that will determine who can walk the walk. A lot of teams are making bold statements already this season and putting their sights on January engagements before ever taking the field for the preseason. That might seem like a dangerous proposition but there are some times that seem primed to make it work.

Here are five teams that could very well surprise us by coming out of nowhere this season.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals haven’t really been contenders since before 2016, when they seemed so prone to falling down on their facemasks. Since they’ve bolstered the offensive line and most of their players are healthy at this time however they could surprise the league and everyone else and come out swinging for an upset run at the playoffs.

4. Minnesota Vikings

By week five of last season this team had a few fans sweating, wondering if they could be stopped. Eventually though their run ended and they were forced to face the harsh reality that they weren’t going much further. The Vikings still aren’t decided on a quarterback, but be it Bradford or Bridgewater the chances are good that they’ll make a more sustained run this season as they attempt to put the other teams on notice.

3. Indianapolis Colts

They went from having one of the best quarterbacks to having the best quarterback in the AFC South. Andrew Luck is still contender, but right now the Colts are playing a bit “what if” game. They need to shore up both sides of the ball if they’re going to be a real contender, but the good news is that they have around $55 million in cap space left, so it’s possibly they might be in working shape.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Their record has been improving nearly every year and it’s assumed that their 3rd year quarterback will only get better as time goes on. They’ve got a wide assortment of viable weapons on offense and they’re poised this year to take out the Falcons as Atlanta is the team to beat in the NFC South. Jameis Winston is a dynamic young quarterback that knows how to make his plays work and is all set to make certain that the other teams don’t forget that the Bucs are true contenders.

1. Tennessee Titans

If there is a true long shot in the NFL to make the Superbowl, the Titans are the team that people will be looking at. They haven’t made the playoffs in almost a decade, and as far as their team dynamic goes most people would agree that calling them dysfunctional is kind. The surprising part however is that they have the offense weapons and a skilled quarterback to make that kind of run. It might be a surprise, but don’t count the Titans out yet.

The underdogs of the NFL aren’t yet able to be counted out. Any given Sunday after all…

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