Five Amazing NFL Player Workout Videos During the Off Season

If you ever doubt the worth of NFL players on the field then try doing their workouts just once and then call them non-talented crybabies. It might not seem like a lot of them are worth much but the best of them are those that train with such intensity that it might easily break a lesser person just by trying. A lot of athletes are superior to the average person in terms of how physically tough they are because they are trained in such an unforgiving manner that their bodies must adapt to become something far tougher and more resilient than others. It’s not a matter of being a better person, it’s a matter of being in greater physical shape.

Here are how some of the best in the NFL train in the off season.

5. Odell Beckham Jr.

We can only hope he’s going to start working at controlling his temper as hard as he works at getting in shape. Odell Beckham is one of the best in the league right now hands down, but for all his physical dominance he is kind of a diva when it comes to not getting his way. He’s impressive to watch though, and this shows why.

4. James Harrison

Right now he’s being lauded as one of the strongest men in the NFL, and there’s a good reason why. Just take a look at the exercises and the amount of weight this guy is heaving around. The insane lifting he’s doing is why he’s able to manhandle other guys on the line so easily. Imagine what another man’s weight feels like in comparison to what he’s slinging around. It must seem like he’s playing with middleweights.

3. Dez Bryant

Speed is necessary for someone in Dez Bryant’s position. He needs foot speed, coordination, and the ability to explode off the line and to maneuver as he needs to in order to get into position. This means that his core strength needs to be insanely high and his ability to maintain that explosive speed is vastly important.

2. J.J. Watt

As one of the most dominant defenders in the game Watt simply has to keep up on his core and his speed. Ever watch him play? The guy just seems to know where to be at any given moment and he’s rarely ever missed his target. In fact it might be safe to say that he’s the only real weapon that his team has at this moment, so it’s important for him to stay in peak condition.

1. Antonio Brown

Once again that explosive speed is what’s needed. By keeping the core strong and the body flexible Antonio Brown is able to out-perform a lot of people by simply being in better shape and finding himself able to outpace them when he needs to. The level of conditioning that an athlete undergoes will often determine their success on the field.

Skill counts for a lot on the field in the NFL, but if you have all the skill in the world and none of the conditioning it will only get you so far.


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