Our Favorite Fictional Tennis Players in Movies

Tennis is a sport you’ve really got to be into to enjoy. It takes skill, endurance, and a passion that is inherent in every spot, but more than that, it takes a desire to win and to win big. It also takes a very big sense of humor to not let it be spoiled by the antics of those in film who might make the sport into a spoof movie. Most films that deal with tennis do so in a respectful and tasteful manner, but there are always those movies that like to push the boundaries.

If nothing else it keeps people on their toes.

Aaron Williams – 7 Days In Hell

Just watching the beginning of this clip is enough to make you slap your forehead and groan. Williams is just flat out offensive on so many levels that you can’t help but hate him, but also be entertained by him. Somehow Andy Samberg is just that kind of funny that you can’t deny the laughter for long. You might be shaking your head at this one for a while though.

Nick Irons – The Break

This is a straight up old-school style film where the pro doesn’t want anything to do with the sport since he got banned and is basically a burnout. Nick just wants to get through his day without having to worry about one thing after another. His girlfriend thinks he’s a washout, the guy that’s hiring him to entertain his son has little to no real faith in him, and the kid he’s supposed to be training can barely find his racket with both hands. Yeah, this is old school.

Peter Colt – Wimbledon

To be passionate about something you’ve got to go full bore and straight ahead in the pursuit of your goals. Somewhere along the line Peter Colt forgot that lesson. When he meets a special woman that’s on her own journey to greatness however he begins to find that passion again. It’s a beautiful thing when you realize that you’ve got something to fight for, even if it’s just that one last hurrah before you fade off into the distance. Sometimes that last hurrah is the most important moment of your life.

Stephen Parker – Nobody’s Perfect

Love makes a person do strange and sometimes unreasonable things. Like dressing up as a woman to get close to the woman of your dreams kind of strange. Yep, Stephen gets kicked off the men’s tennis team for his college and then finds it necessary to dress up as a female so that he can join the team and find out more about his lady love before revealing to her how he feels. Of course things go screwy and he gets found out, but in all the mayhem the two of them discover how they really feel about one another and he ends up getting the girl anyway. The strangest thing is that once she knows he still dresses up as the girl in order to win their final doubles match together. That’s a twist you don’t see very often.

Tennis is a difficult sport, but it can lend itself to certain story lines that are both entertaining and engaging for the audience.


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