Cheesy 80s Songs That Rule: “Open Your Heart,” by Madonna


Now by no means am I saying it’s embarrassing to like Madonna just because you’re a guy. I mean come on. The woman has been around for over years and has certainly had her fair share of great songs. However, I have to admit that if you’re a guy and you’re blasting the song “Open Your Heart” in front of a bunch of your guy friends or in the middle of traffic you might get a slight amount of ridicule. That said, this is a sweet tune and if you’re alone reading this, turn the volume up.

P.S. The video is quite interesting. I’m guessing that right now that little kid is probably scarred for life in some way.  That and he for whatever reason really reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio.  Plus will you just look at these outfits and shoes?  What in the world is going on here?

I’d also be willing to bet that kid has appeared in a Madonna video as an adult.  I just have to find it.  P.S his real name is Felix Howard and there’s some very crazy pictures of him out there when he was a kid.  Anyway, enjoy the video and don’t be afraid to admit you love this song.  I’m not.

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