Brazil Fan Suffers Heart Attack and Dies After Penalty Shootout

Fans And Features - Day 19 - FIFA World Cup 2006

“That play gave me a heart attack!” is a commonly thrown around phrase in sports. However, the hyperbolic proved to be true for one Brazil fan who suffered a heart attack and died after watching the tense penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile in the World Cup.

The man went into cardiac arrest while watching the soccer match between the two teams at a near Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte on Saturday. He died later that day at the local hospital. He was 69 years old.

After being tied 1-1 due to a a disallowed goal from Givanildo Viera de Souza, referred to as the “Brazilian Hulk,” Brazil ended up defeating Chile with three penalty goals to two in one of the first matches of the round of 16. Brazil’s stiker, Neymar, scored the team’s final goal, allowing Brazil to go through to the quarterfinals. They will face Colombia on July 5 in Fortaleza.

Reportedly, over 100 people needed treatment during the Brazil/Chile match. One of them was a 50-year-old woman who with supposed heart problems that acted up during the shoot-out. There was also a man who had his nose broken in a fight about the match.

In addition to the Brazil fan’s heart attack, there have been numerous other World Cup-related deaths and injuries this year. A Chinese man died form lack of sleep because he was consistently awake watching soccer. A British also reportedly lost his earlobe after it was bitten off by another fan in an altercation after England’s 2-1 loss to Uruguay on June 19.

Hopefully, moving forward, stories can be less about the physical injuries caused by the World Cup and more about the tournament

Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

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