Brazil Better Get Its Subway System Together before the Rio World Cup 2014

Brazil Subways

I’m really excited to watch the World Cup this year, but after seeing a video that shows just how crazy and dangerous the subway system in Brazil is, I’m just glad I’m going to be sitting on my couch and watching the games instead of physically going to them. Apparently, the subway system in Brazil has no organization, structure, or authority – it simply appears to be a mass free for all. The stations are flooded with so many people that they make the subways in New York look almost barren, as if the NYC subways are VIP trains, which only the “chosen ones” can travel on.

With the World Cup only just three short weeks, I really fear for anyone who is traveling to Brazil to attend the event. The lack of crowd control and the pure absence of safety all but ensure that there will be numerous injuries during the World Cup unless something is done. People have already died or been kidnapped (no joke) because of the sheer madness of Brazil’s subway system, and with thousands upon thousands of tourists flooding in to cheer on their favorite teams, it seems like that number could skyrocket very easily.

To me, it’s plain and simple: no matter how much you love soccer (and while I’m not a hardcore fan who tries to watch all the games, I still really enjoy the sport), you have to think long and hard and consider what the cost of going to the World Cup could be. People were worried about having the Olympics in Russia this past year because of broken down, roach-infested hotels with poor plumbing systems, but the subway issues in Brazil make any problems that Russia had look nonexistent in comparison.

Hopefully, the Brazilian government can do something to fix their subway system before the World Cup. Otherwise, the headlines won’t be about the soccer teams themselves – instead the news will covering how many people were hurt, lost, or killed in order to get there to watch them.

Check out the video below and witness all the craziness for yourself.

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