Five Crazy Facts About the Blackout Haunted House

If you are looking for an activity with a difference to enjoy one day, then you might consider visiting the Blackout Haunted House. This is a haunted house with a difference as it truly tests your limits of fear and endurance. The attraction was created by Kristjan Thor and Josh Randall back in 2009 as they realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to scare people and wanted to open a haunted house that took fear to a new level. It is an immersive horror experience that gets the adrenaline flowing that attracts many visitors to both its locations; New York and Los Angeles. Here are five crazy facts about the Blackout Haunted House.

1, It Involves Nudity and Touching

When thinking about haunted houses, ghosts, mummies, creaky floorboards, and strange noises come to mind. However, the owners of the attraction have described the Blackout Haunted House as a performance art as much as a haunted house and they have included many other ways to make visitors feel uncomfortable. One part of this is the nudity. There are several of the characters in the house that appear completely naked. Furthermore, you can also expect for them to touch you and this is something you should be aware of if you have a fear of people invading your personal space.

2. No Talking Is Allowed

When visiting the Blackout Haunted House, some sections are visited alone and some in groups. During the times when visitors are in groups, they are not permitted to talk. However, they are allowed to scream when they are frightened.

3. Props Are an Important Element of the Experience

Throughout a visit to the Blackout Haunted House, you will see a variety a variety of props in your surrounding environment and also used by the actors that enhance the experience. An even more terrifying realization that you will come to when you participate in one of the events is that you will have an interactive experience with some of the props. From having a bag put over your head to reaching into a vomit-filled toilet bowl to search for keys, it is all part of the ‘fun’ of attending an event at the Blackout Haunted House.

4. The Special Effects Are Convincing

One thing that both visitors and reviewers agree on is that the special effects are very well done. It is very easy to forget that this is an attraction and experience real fear due to the effects used. These include visual effects, instruments of torture, sounds, and fake bodily fluids. A reviewer for The Los Angeles Times even described their experience as artful and sometimes beautiful.

5. There is a Documentary About the Blackout Haunted House

In 2016, a documentary film was released called ‘The Blackout Experiments’. This looked at what takes place during the Blackout events. It included interviews with fans of the Blackout experience who have regularly participated in the events. The involvement of the Blackout Haunted House creators, Thor and Randall, was limited. The reason they gave for this was that they wanted to retain the mystery of the events. The documentary was met with mixed reviews.

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