Baseball Game in Alaska Gets Stopped Because a Bear Wanted to Watch

Baseball Bear

I’ve seen a lot of different animals appear and cause disturbances during baseball games, from birds to moths to squirrels. But this is something that I’m pretty sure that most people have never seen. A bear showed up at a baseball game in Juneau, Alaska and walked along the outfield fence as players and fans all stood and watched. That’s right – a real, freaking, live bear.

Fortunately, the bear remained on the outside of the fence and did not enter the field. It appears no one came in direct contact with the bear or was harmed in anyway.

Honestly, I wonder how common bear sightings in Alaska, near community locations like that, really are. For me, where I live, in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, we just recently had several reported sightings of a giant bear, and it was huge news, simply because where I’m from in Pennsylvania,  bear sightings are pretty rare, especially in more populated, neighborhood areas (which is where the bear was seen).

Alaska reportedly has 30,000 brown bears and 100,000 black bears. In comparison, Pennsylvania reportedly has 14,000 black bears throughout the state – that’s about 11% of the total amount of bears that Alaska offers, meaning that the chances of seeing a bear in Alaska are infinitely higher than running into one in the Keystone State.

Ultimately, though, whether you’re from Alaska, Pennsylvania, or really anywhere across the United States, this video is definitely something you’ll want to see for yourself, purely for the fact that who knows when this type of situation will ever happen again. Watch the video of the “Baseball Bear” below.

Photo via YouTube

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