Arena Football Fan Gets Accidentally Decked by Player

Arena Football Hit

I’ve seen fans leaning over to grab foul balls in baseball or crazy dudes running out onto the field during the middle of soccer matches. However, I’ve never seen something like this. An arena football fan was leaning over the guard rail at game between the Arizona Rattlers and the Spokane Shock, leaning his head out into the field of play, when a player accidentally ran into him and hit him, his helmet bashing right into the fan’s head.

While I totally get the guy’s enthusiasm and the reason why he was looking over into the field of play (don’t we all wish that we could be as close to the game as possible?), he should have considered where he was. The fact that he was at an arena football game, where players are wearing shoulder pads and helmets and constantly running really fast, rather than a baseball game, where these types of collisions can be more easily avoided, provides all the reason in the world for why he shouldn’t have been leaning over. Not to mention that anytime fans do this, no matter the sporting event, they risk not only injuring themselves but also interfering with the game, which could ruin the whole experience for all fans.

I really hope this fan is okay, and I would never say, like some people have already been saying, that the guy “deserved what he got” or “had this coming to him.” Honestly, I just want him and other fans to learn from this and stop poking their heads out. Whether you’re snatching a catchable ball away from an outfielder at a baseball game or getting accidentally decked by a wide receiver while watching arena, it’s never a good thing to be more than simply a spectator while watching your favorite team play.

Check out the video of the incident for yourself below.

Photo via YouTube

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