9 Places You Must Visit When You Travel to Anguila

Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, the small British Overseas Territory of Anguilla is made of a small island and a few islets. However, do not get fooled by the small size of the island. Despite the tiny footprint, Anguilla is simply packed with beautiful locations and wonderful vistas which will take your breath away. From long stretches of beaches to hidden coves to secluded islets, Anguilla has everything in store to be a perfect island destination. Also, as very few people know about Anguilla, you will find most of the beaches to yourself, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymooners and couples. There are a ton of wonderful places around this islands for you to explore. Here are nine places which you must visit during your Anguilla vacation.

1. Shoal Bay East

Home to 33 beaches, it is doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a lot of time will be spent on beaches when you visit Anguilla for a vacation. However, among of all those beaches, the Shoal Bay East is considered one of the most popular beaches in not only Anguilla but in all of the Caribbean. This beautiful white sand beach is home to some of the most spectacular coral gardens you can see in Anguilla. The water is clean and perfect for snorkelling and swimming through these colourful underwater gardens. There are a number of restaurants lining the shores, and you can also spend your time relaxing on the beach.

2. Meads Bay Beach

Situated on the west end of Anguilla, Meads Bay is a gorgeous white sand beach popular among travellers. Preferred by the luxury travellers, this beach is lined with luxury villas and resorts. The tropical foliage lining the beach makes it one of the most picturesque places in Anguilla. The water is calm and clear, making it a perfect place to go for a relaxing swim. You can also try out some of the finest food Anguilla has to offer. Among the various restaurants near the beach, Blanchards is the most well-known and one the best fine-dining restaurants of Anguilla.

3. Blowing Point Beach

Located on the south coast Anguilla, the Blowing Point Beach is home to one of the topmost attractions of the island, Dolphin Discovery. It is one of the favourite things to do among tourists who visit Anguilla. Here you will get the opportunity of spending some time with these beautiful marine animals. The dolphins live off the coast in an enclosure where you can visit them, cuddle them and swim with them. You will also get to learn all about these majestic creatures from the professional guides or click some pictures with these lovely mammals.

4. Sandy Ground Village

Another one of the must-visit places on Anguilla has to be the Sandy Ground Village. This tiny little island village is perfect to experience the local island vibes. There is a beautiful white-sand beach lined with restaurants, a beautiful dive shop and some quaint little houses for people to stay. It is one of the best places in Anguilla to unwind and spend some lazy time. The Old Salt Factory and Pumphouse restaurant is one of the major historical attractions of Anguilla. During the month of May, the three-day long festival Anguilla Regatta takes place in this village. If you are here during that time, it is an absolute must that you visit this village to take part in the festivities.

5. Fountain Cavern National Park

The most famous and popular archaeological site of Anguilla, the Fountain Cavern National Park, is located close to Shoal Bay. Here you will get to see a lot of Amerindian petroglyphs under a cave, along with two freshwater pools. The most significant Amerindian petroglyph which you can see here is the shape of Jocahu, a supreme god worshipped by the Taino Indians, carved from a tall stalagmite. The site served as a major worship site for the Amerindians in the ancient times.

6. Cove Bay

Another one of the west coast beaches of Anguilla, Cove Bay is the perfect spot for couples and honeymooners. Located between Maundays Bay and Rendezvous Bay, this secret beach is really peaceful and relaxing with not a lot of people around. The gorgeous looking white sand, the crystalline blue waters and the absence of too many people make it one of the best places in Anguilla to visit if you are spending your vacation with your partner.

7. Rendezvous Bay

If you are looking for some fun watersports activities, then Rendezvous Bay will be one of the best places for you to visit. It is the best location to enjoy windsurfing while you are in Anguilla. However, if you are not in the mood for too many activities, then you can also go for a nice, relaxing walk through the beach as well. Rendezvous Bay is considered one of the best beaches in Anguilla to walk on. Enjoy the breathtaking view of St. Martin and the beautiful blue sea while you walk through the soft white sand.

8. Island Harbour

The sheltered, small fishing village named Island Harbour is another place in Anguilla which you have to visit during your trip. There are quite a number of tourist attractions near the village, among which the Big Spring National Park is the most prominent one. The park houses a partially collapsed cave where you will get to see 28 Amerindian petroglyphs. The petroglyphs date back from the 9th to the 15th centuries. The village itself is really beautiful and serves as a launching point for local fishermen.

9. The Valley

Last, but not the least, The Valley is the capital of Anguilla. Being the political, geographical and commercial center of the island, The Valley is full of tourist attractions and places which are historically and culturally important. Remember to take a tour of Anguilla National Trust, where you can see many exhibits showcasing the islands culture and history. Also do not miss a trip to the Wallblake House, a major historic attraction of the island.


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