8 Birthday Gifts Your Boyfriend Will (Actually) Love

Yes that adorable and silly oversized t-shirt (with a picture of the two of you laser printed on it) would make for a fun birthday present. However, your boyfriend is not going to find it nearly as cute and amusing as you do. Birthday presents for your beau don’t have to be a challenge this year. If you need inspiration or advice on what to get your man, here are some examples of great birthday presents that are sure to please and impress.

Sports Tickets

Whether it’s football, soccer, baseball, or hockey, tickets to a sporting event are always going to be a hit. Guys don’t always want material presents and he might rather have an experience. What’s great about this gift is that it gives you the option of going with—or sending him off with the guys. After all that birthday planning and celebrating, you might need a quiet night in or a spa day with the ladies. If your fella isn’t a big sports guy, you can also substitute for concert tickets.


A man can never have enough watches. No matter how much time passes, watches never seem to go out of style (pardon the pun). Gold watches for men from MVMT are exceptional in appearance and quality. These watches will give your man a classy and timeless look without breaking the bank and he’s sure to appreciate a nice new watch on his birthday.


Let’s face it ladies, you probably know how to dress your man better than he does. Shopping for him might be difficult if you don’t know his size. You can always look at the tags of his pants and shirts when he’s not around. If you don’t want to risk it, take him on a mini shopping spree! Buying him new clothes is a great excuse to throw out the old ones you hate.


So many of us are dying to learn a new skill or pick a new hobby. If your guy is always talking about how he wishes he had learned how to play an instrument or he won’t shut up about the UFC, get him a month of lessons for whatever sparks his interests. Groupon always has deals to try out new fun activities; you can even find an activity that you would both enjoy and spend quality time together.

New Suit

Every man needs to own a crisp, clean, tailored suit. Are you sick of seeing that hideous cheap suit he picked up at Ross for his cousin’s wedding? Now you can finally get rid of it. In many ways this is a gift for yourself because you won’t have to worry about how he’s going to look when you need to take him to an important family event.

Electric Guitar

Even if he doesn’t know how to play, every guy secretly wants to be a rock star. An electric guitar makes for a pretty amazing gift that will be sure to bring a smile to his face. Even if he never picks it up to play, a guitar always makes for nice décor in a man cave.

His Car

You might be wishing your man obsessed over you as much as he does his car, but a car-related gift may be the homerun you’re looking for. Ask his friends if he has been talking about getting new rims or tires. Any guy who’s into cars is going to freak out when you take the time to get him a unique gift for his ride. Besides, you don’t want to be seen riding around in a generic old clunker, right?


You don’t often hear guys talk about wanting to get a massage but secretly, they all do. If your man has a stressful job or he likes to work out a lot, a massage could be just the thing he needs. Don’t be afraid to get yourself one too so you can go together; he won’t want to go alone. If you really want to splurge, take him to a spa where you can finally get a professional to tackle his disgusting feet.

No one knows your man better than you, so be sure to get him something you know he’s going to love and enjoy—if you can’t do that, you can always get him a new watch.

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