7 Amazing Jobs You Had No Idea Were Real

When we are kids, we have dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Some kids dream of being a doctor, some dream about a lawyer. Some kids want to be on television and some want to play professional sports. Some people end up in careers that they never thought they would when they were growing up. Others end up working a crazy job that they never even knew existed. There are several jobs out there that are crazy and you probably didn’t even know that there were people who held these kinds of jobs.

Professional Bridesmaids

Most people believe that in order to be a bridesmaid, you must be close friends with a bride. This is not the case. There is a company called Bridesmaids For Hire, where the bride-to-be can hire a woman to be her bridesmaid. Some women don’t have many women friends, which can make the wedding party uneven. Some women don’t have responsible friends. The bride needs a bridesmaid who is willing to do the work on the big day. She needs someone there to handle problems when they arise and to make her day easier. If a bride doesn’t have any friends who can handle the job, she can hire a bridesmaid. Bridesmaids For Hire offers a variety of packages, and the cost ranges from $300 to $2,000, depending on the package that you choose.

Professional Nail Polish Namer

Have you ever bought a bottle of nail polish and wondered how it got its name. Some of the nail polish names are very strange. They don’t go by colors such as red, pink, and light blue. They have unique names such as Awesomly Apple Red, Funny Fuzzy Bunny, and Walk in the Blueberry Hills. The more popular the company, the stranger the name. What you may not know is that the name of the color is not decided by the person who created the color. There is actually a team of about 6 people who sit down together and brainstorm until they can find the perfect name for the polish. They start by looking at the color, looking at the market, and the geographical location that the polish will be sold. It take s a while, but they come up with the perfect names. In order to land this job, you need to be very creative and very good with words.

Professional Line Stander

Most people hate to wait in line. It is a huge time waster and you need to be a very patient person if you aren’t going to go crazy standing in line. If you have no patience or if you don’t want to waste your precious time in line, you can hire a professional line stander. There are certain times of the year when these people are especially busy. Many professional line standers says that their busiest day of the year is Black Friday. They also report being busy when new products such as the newest pair of Jordans or a new Apple product goes on sale. Also, when tickets go on sale for a huge show, professional line standers get a great deal of business. Some line standers work on their own. One independent line stander says they make $1,000 per week. Some work for companies such as Line Standing. These companies take a good portion of the line standers fee.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Namer and Taster

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream has very unusual names. If you have ever wondered where these flavors get their names, there are employees who handle the task. First they taste the ice cream. This is likely the part of the job that most people love. After they have tasted the flavor, they use the taste to come up with the crazy names. Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t accept names like chocolate and vanilla. They actually prefer crazy names. The crazier, the better. To land this job you need to love ice cream and have a strong background in writing. Also, you need to be creative. Since this is such a great job, chances are you won’t find an opening for quite a long time.

Bachelor Party Master

It is a rite of passage for a man to have a bachelor party before he gets married. For some men, this means a huge blowout that they will never forget. Unfortunately, the best man isn’t always the best party planner. This is where a bachelor party master can come in handy. There is a company called Connected Montreal, and it is their job to come up with the most unique and exciting ideas for bachelors. If you are going to work in this type of business, you would need to live in a big city that is a popular bachelor party destination. The two men who are currently in this line of work live in Montreal, which is a great bachelor party location. A few other places include Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Condom Tester

This may seem like one of the strangest jobs in the world but it does actually exist. If you were to become a condom tester, it wouldn’t pay full time pay. You wouldn’t even be able to make enough money at this job to pay the rent. All that the job pays is $60 worth of products for you to try out and then give your feedback. You might not be able to make big money, but you can have safe sex for free.

Video Game Tester

When most kids are growing up, their parents tell them to put down their video games because they are a waste of time. If these kids grow up to be video game testers, they can prove their parents wrong. Gaming companies pay their testers a minimum of $50,000 to test their video games. Video game testers can give the developers the feedback that they need to make the necessary changes and to find glitches in the games. If you love video games, this could be your dream job. Not only can you play video games all day, you can also play new games before any of your friends can. Its a pretty good deal.

If you don’t want to spend your days working at a conventional job, there are some pretty crazy jobs out there that you just might be a perfect fit.

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