20 Modern Valentine’s Day Cards For The One You Love

Valentine’s day is upon us and I just wanted to say that I think this holiday is way more destructive and sad than anything positive.  My wife and I don’t even celebrate Valentine’s day which I happen to believe is the best rule in our entire marriage.  Why put pressure on yourself to show a person how much you love them on one day of the year?  You’re just setting yourself up for failure.  It’s that simple.

And for those that aren’t in a relationship?  How about one day of the year to remind them of how lonely they are.  Yeah, that’s really nice.  I liken Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve.  It’s just another excuse for restaurants to charge more and make a big deal out of something that’s literally just another day in the year.

However, when I came across these honest Valentine’s Day cards it gave me hope.  If more of these existed I think I could get behind Valentine’s Day a bit more.  Enjoy!

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