Kim Kardashian Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit Took it Too Far


I get it.  Kim Kardashian almost should have been robbed right?  I mean who wears jewelry that costs millions of dollars and walks outside with no bodyguard?  Does she really think she’s that invincible?  Kim Kardashian gets robbed so let’s all make fun of her right?  Kim K gets bound and gagged so the natural thing to do is to model a costume after all of this and profit off of her misfortune right?  Wrong.

I make fun of Kim Kardashian as much as the next guy.  I think she never would have reached her success without that sex tape.  Do I think she sold herself for fame? Absolutely.  However, I do think that it takes a little more than a sex tape to keep you on top this long and make this much money.  Give the girl SOME credit will you people?

And while I think her robbery stinks of the obvious in that she begun to think she was a little too invincible, I just don’t think you go around making Halloween costumes to poke fun of the incident.  Costumeish was just trying to make a buck, I know, but come on.

Getting robbed is a traumatizing event and I don’t care who you are.  You want to remind this person of their nightmare over and over on the scariest day of the year?  I personally don’t think that’s cool.   We have all the time in the world to make fun of the Kardashians.  Just don’t do it when something completely out of her control and frankly nasty and scary happens to her.

And trust me, I hate Kanye West just as much as all of you.  Poorly played Costumeish.  Poorly played.

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