Justin Bieber Lights up DJ Khaled in Street Hockey

So what do you do when you’re young, filthy rich, and have nothing better to do than post your every moment on Instagram?  You pick up a new sport of course.  Look, I like DJ Khaled.  I even respect a talent like Justin Bieber.  Nope, it’s not the songs I like or his beautiful eyes I adore.  I actually have a decent amount of respect for him as an athlete.  There’s gotta be at least 100 clips of this kid playing an array of sports and he seems to excel in all of them.  I also have the feeling that hockey isn’t one of his first choices but when DJ Khaled wants to look as ridiculous as he does playing goalie, it’s probably fun to score on him.

I will say this though.  Khaled’s gotta put at least some effort into his defense.  I mean come on dude.  Top right shelf.  Top right shelf.  Bieber can do this all day.  And come on DJ!  You’re literally getting laughed at by the Biebs.   I tell you.  Having a life like that wouldn’t be too bad.   Kind of reminds me of the hockey scene in Wayne’s World, only Wayne’s World is 100 times better than anything Justin Bieber would ever do.  Check out Mr. Bieber’s hockey lesson below:

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