Jack Nicholson Did Not Snub This Kid at the Clippers Game

Everyone’s been making a big deal out of the fact that Jack Nicholson attended the Clippers and Thunder game last night.  Considering how die hard a Lakers fan he’s been all these years it’s been leading to speculation that he’s switched teams, that he’s no longer loyal to the Lakers, that he’s a front runner, that he’s friends with Donald Sterling.  OK that last one was bull but come on people.  Nicholson’s a basketball fan, plain and simple.

And now we’re hearing from Yahoo! Sports that he snubbed a kid in the first row?  The kid (who looks a little like Will Wheaton in Stand by Me) was trying to get a little hand shake out of Nicholson when Jack looked down and clearly missed.

Would Nicholson have shaken his hand had he seen the kid’s attempt?  That my friends, is the question.  Personally I think he’d have given the shake and that would be the end of that.  You guys be the judge.  I say this was no snub.  This was merely a miss on Jack’s part.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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